Grazac partnered with Ogun State Government to organise Ogun Digital Summit 2021

Grazac Innovation Hub
4 min readMar 11, 2021

Digital transformation is of great necessity now more than ever before. As technology evolves, it is very important for us to start to adapt and position ourselves to embrace it in full force. We must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to harness the tremendous possibilities that technology brings every day.

In a bid to accelerate the development of new innovations in Ogun State, Grazac in collaboration with the Ogun State Government organized Ogun Digital Summit on the 4th of March, 2021 in the heart of Abeokuta.

Ogun Digital Summit (ODS) is borne out of the need for a platform to facilitate the convergence of great minds and coalescence of groundbreaking ideas that will shape the nation’s digital landscape, with a primary focus on youth empowerment, technology entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

The theme for ODS 2021 is “COMPETENCY FOR THE FUTURE” and this led an important conversation focused on adapting to the tech-driven social change currently evolving in the world.

Ogun Digital Summit 2021 Participants

The event features 3 main stages for keynotes and panelists, networking, and pitch sessions. Over 1500 participants from within the state and outside the state were in attendance.

The summit was graced by our speakers and panelists who are leading experts. Amidst them are Onyeka Akuma, Founder and CEO Farm Crowdy; Mohammed Jega, Founder Startup Arewa; Freeman Osonuga, Chief Executive Officer of Adloyalty Business Network, Dayo Abiodun, S.A to Ogun State Governor on ICT; Daniel Adeyemi, Editor-In-Chief at Techcabal; Abel Adejo, CEO of PettySave… and many others.

L-R Victor Adeleye — CEO Grazac Innovation Hub, Queen Nimat- Brand Strategist, Muhammed Jega — Founder of Startup Arewa and Cheif Business Developer at VouguePay

On Creativity for the Future of Work, Mr. Mohammed Jega talked about the power of networking and mentorship. In his words, “In business, you need partners besides you. Don’t be the only eyes on your products, let three, four, five eyes test your product, review it and give advice.” He further mentioned that “You are the number one investor in your business”.

According to him, COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of technology in the nation, and that businesses and entrepreneurs should embrace the use of tech with full force. Instead of using the media for frivolous acts, he admonishes the youths to use the media for self-learning and further develop themselves in solving problems in the country.

He also added that “your success story should be borderless”. Don’t limit yourself to an area, expand and explore, let the world know what you are doing and how it brings about a change in the nation.

Onyeka Akumah — CEO of FarmCrowdy

Onyeka Akumah, the CEO of FarmCrowdy also shared his story while growing up in a bid to explain how to grow your start-up digitally. As a young boy at age 12, he sold chickens. Sold recharge cards at age 15 to raise money for his first computer. Learned website design at 17 and 18. Created 400 websites especially for girls to express his love for them.

Mr. Akumah’s story while growing up is that of resilience, doggedness, and hard work. He mentioned that executing ideas is based on capacity and that growing a business is an invitation to challenges. Speaking on practical ways to build your startup, he said “You are your chief sales officer. Always pitch your ideas. Profile your customer in your eyes and come up with a strategy for your business.” He added that entrepreneurs should be flexible and open to opportunities, network, and build a team around them.

”Your business should be first valuable, have customers, and build relationships before seeking influence. Let the proof of your work be the reason you want to influence. Create value and the doors of influence will open up” Akumah Onyeka advised.

As you may know, there has not been much said or done in Ogun State as regards technology and innovation, It’s been business as usual. However, a new movement that is building momentum and gaining a tremendous following is Grazac Innovation Hub, with meet-ups, webinars, and trainings being held for youths and enterprises in Ogun State.

Grazac Innovation Hub

Grazac, through partnerships, its academy, and innovation lab, seeks to create great opportunities for the continent’s most innovative minds and ideas. The CEO of Grazac, Victor Adeleye, emphasized on the vision of the company to accelerate the development of new innovations. In his words, he said innovation is the only thing that can boost our economy and create job opportunities for our youths and Grazac is here to give full support to innovations coming out from Ogun State.

If you are in Ogun State, this is a place to meet people building the next generation of products and startups for technological advancement in Nigeria. Learn more about Grazac via