Grazac Innovation Hub
1 min readMay 17, 2021

The Agricultural sector has always been a thriving industry that tends to make greater impacts on economic sustainability. But, for the past few years, agricultural productivity has reduced due to lack of investment and this is creating an economic downturn.

To address this shortfall, a range of tools is needed and technology is one of the most essential tools to enact a change in the industry. Digital Technology has the potential to transform Agriculture in Africa.

Agric-tech startups are growing impressively but they require more intervention and participation that can help improve the scalability of Agriculture technologies in Africa.

The future looks promising for the Agricultural sector, and we believe we can help create an experience that will contribute to a higher success rate.

Grazac provides best tech support for innovative start-ups that are capable of making giant impacts and solving big problems in this sector.

Do you have a great idea in this sector leveraging web or mobile technology? If yes, Join our startup community in Ogun State.

Benefit of joining us :

Access to funding

Access to our co-working space at no cost

1:1 Support and Mentorship

MVP Testing and many more.

Apply here www.grazac.com.ng/startup